We have collaborated with Australian music icon Fred Smith to create a free seven lesson course to help you create great song words, and matching music, to bring your song to life.

Fred covers the essentials of how to create a song – and finishes the course with two practical examples based on breaking down his creative process – for his two songs Dust of Uruzgan and Taliban Fighting Man.

Click on the link below to register for our free music and songwriting course.

So what is this Soldier Songs and Voices thing all about?

Well, in simple terms, our goal is to help as many people as possible learn how to write songs.

Our content is intended for veteran and serving members of the armed forces, but everyone is welcome to participate and benefit from the lessons, which are free. We have a passion for music and words and when you put these two elements together, you have a song. Your song. Your story.

It’s a beautiful way of expressing in 3 minutes, emotions and events that have impacted on your life or the lives of others. It doesn’t have to be a number 1 hit, you can share it with whomever you like, or no one. But it’s yours, you know what it means, you know why you wrote it, it’s your story and yours alone.

Why write a song?

That’s a very personal question. It can simply be for fun, full stop. For some, it’s a way of expressing what they feel, but can’t speak about. Sometimes the words will pour out of you, other times, you might stare at a blank page for an hour. Sometimes, you’ll hear a melody in your head while in aisle five at the grocery store, or perhaps while driving, you will see something that reminds you of an event that happened a long time ago, but changed your life forever. For better or worse.

For many people, there are things that we can’t get out of our head…that’s a good starting point, let’s get that thing, those words, out of our head and down on paper, just write them all down faster than you have ever written…now rearrange them into some order, maybe finding a rhyme or two where you can. Now strum two or three chords on that old guitar you haven’t touched in years, or that new guitar you just bought, or that secondhand one you just scored a bargain on.

It feels good…dare we say…therapeutic. Sure we dare to say that, even though it has got four syllables! It feels good to understand and it feels amazing to feel understood. That’s what songwriting can do.

Our focus is on the “how” and it’s really as easy as knowing that there are always just two thing to focus on, words or music.

Our first series of seven lessons breakdown how to approach both of these elements, presented by our CSW (Chief of Songwriting), Fred Smith.

Fred is a legend of a bloke, as laconic and dry as the Simpson desert, but razor sharp as the last bindi you stepped on.

We hope you check out the lessons by clicking on the link below and we look forward to you enjoying the process.

Register here for our free music and song-writing course

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